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Miyuki, #100023

Model Details/女孩详细 :

Name 昵称 : Miyuki

Price 价格 : SGD130

Age 年龄 : 24

Nation 国籍 : Chinese

Views Counter: 66321


Pls indicate (SGVIPCLUB) when calling,Thanks!
联系时,请说是在 (SGVIPCLUB) 网站上看到的,谢谢!

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Pls indicate (SGVIPCLUB) when calling,Thanks!
联系时,请说是在 (SGVIPCLUB) 网站上看到的,谢谢!


❤★❤ Miyuki ❤★❤ 

Sweet, Gentle Caring, Friendly & Attentive Professional Manhood Juagen Therapist! 

★ Miyuki ★ 
 All Races are welcome 
Professional Manhood Juagen Therapist: 
Authentic Thai/Chinese Juagen: 
正宗中泰抓龙根 aka Manhood Juagen Profession Juagen and Manhood Therapist. 
Juagen is not a sexual service, only do professional Juagen and prostate maintenance. 
Never sell her body. No False Advice, No Cheating, No Scamming & No Sensual service Or Taking Off Top ! 
抓筋不是性服务,只做专业抓筋和前列腺保养! 不卖身!不欺骗!不误导!不乱按!不脱衣不做色情服务 !

Ancient method of grasping dragon roots can completely open the whole-body veins and blood circulation, treat impotence and premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, prostate inflammation, spermatic cord varicose veins, thigh root veins blockage and abdominal flatulence, improve testicular vitality and men's energy, there is also effect of delayed rejuvenation. 

*Precautions: People with heart disease and diabetes should not do Juagen therapy. Those with high blood pressure should inform the therapist in advance.* 
Location: Toa Payoh 
 Services: Professional Body Therapy ➕ Prostate Care ➕ Authentic Juagen ➕ Skin Therapy 
Language: Chinese and English 
Operating Hours: 10.00am - 10.30pm 

Strictly No Sexual Related Service: HJ, BJ & FJ NOT ALLOWED, and service not listed here, so please respect her!!! 

$130/ Body Therapy + Juagen/60 Min [$130 身体疗法和抓根服务/60 分钟] 

$200/ Body Therapy + Juagen/90 Min [$200 身体疗法和抓根服务/90 分钟] * 

The only one in the whole network who is proficient in Thai / Chinese Juagen, no effect no charge, relying only on technique! 

Sexual service or photo request will NOT be entertained. If you are interested please send her a message in WhatsApp with the time preferred and duration. To make sure you get the timing you want, please make an appointment in advance. 

WhatsApp Message Only: 87404888 (No phone call or SMS) 
Click here to make your appointment now: https://wa.me/6587404888 

*Kindly note that She will not answer any phone call or reply any messages during the session to ensure that every customer is receiving an uninterrupted session. Do send her another WhatsApp message if she did not reply after 1-2hrs. Hope to have your understanding on this.*


Sensitive Or Sex Content Will Auto Hidden By System

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